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WORLD CULTURE FUSIONFEST 2021 July 3rd, 2021 Launches a Summer of “Collaborative Performances” in North Bay.

Time & Place - September 18th, 12:00-8:00 pm at the Good2Go, the Lot by the Guardian on Main st., and Big Medicine Studio


FusionFest is a three-day festival with two separate meeting experiences. The first Gathering happens this Saturday, July 3rd, where artists will meet, greet and be fused with fellow creators to begin their 15 seperate journeys to create original electro-ethnic fusion performances, musical pieces, and spoken word collaborations.


The artists will have two months to work together and learn the components of each other's cultural and musical backgrounds and work together to fuse instrumental and lyrical expression and representation. The official festival gathering is then held on September 17th and 18th here in North Bay, Ontario!


At that time, FusionFest artists will share their original artworks to the world and to live audiences at the Festival's live mini-concert performances on September 18th, 2021.


The WCFF Committee, headed by Artistic Director, Justine Djolei Gogoua, promises a diverse and energetic range of songs, dances, food, and performances that will focus on bringing the “spirit of community” back to the Nipissing region, after almost two years of isolation and psychological hardships.


They envision a Festival of fun and involvement that will invite people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to come together to share in the magic of creativity, expression, collaboration, and unity!


All of the FusionFest events will be broadcast via various social media platforms and everyone is invited to find links to these live events and recordings at


The artists will also have the opportunity to use these high quality recordings of their new songs and videos to promote their individual talents and to work together with the new collaborations to create albums and musical projects.


For more information about FusionFest and for future Media launch dates...please contact us through: The NRCC is an arts collective that has banded together to organize arts events like: Culture Days, NOVAH Gallery and Gallery 222 exhibitions, Creativity conferences and visual art exhibitions across Northeastern Ontario. The group was incorporated as a not-for-profit cultural organization in 2016. For more information about NRCC contact them through their website at: 

Our TEAM at World Culture FusionFest includes...well...the WORLD!! Justine is the Founder of the Festival and its Artistic Director. Dermot is the Administrative Coordinator for the Festival and curator for NOVAH (Northern Ontario Visual Arts Hive. Johanna is a poet and entrepreneur who gets our events and performances OUT THERE! Our TEAM also includes: Samanta Izquierdo, Preston Tapscott, Ivy Ireland, Chantal Phillips and Cesar Forero.

For general inquiries, please contact


Justine Head.jpg
Justine Gogoua

Artistic Director


Founder of the World Culture FusionFest, Justine has been performing and creating Drum and Dance Festivals in Canada and the Ivory Coast for over 20 years. She is also an educator, but her first love is singing and dancing.

Dermot head copy.jpg
Dermot Wilson

Festival Coordinator


Co-Founder, Dermot has coordinated art and performance festivals for many years. He performs spoken word, flute and electronic winds with Hyperboreal.

Samanta Izquierdo



A singer, educator and intern coordinator with a passion for music, guides and inspires our interns!

Preston Tapscott

Productions, Planning


Originally from Indiana, US, Preston travelled to Canada to further an education in Fine Arts, and works primarily with oil paint. Interns at the NRCC and helps with planning, setup, livestreams, and production.

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