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The Sunny O Trio 

with guest Bruce Naokwegijig

Brian Fox, Joahnna Berti, Bruce Naokwegijig and Sunny Osawabine (L to R) This is the “Sunny O Trio” with guest Bruce Naokwegijig.


The Sunny O Trio is part of Debajehmujig Storytellers. The group formed from our staff of Artists and Animators in 2018, responding to community requests for musical compliments to community events and to augment creation work with external artists and collaborators in group and multi art creation projects. The Trio has performed in Wikwemikong, Manitowaning and Little Current for community based events and gatherings.

Brian Fox, Joahnna Berti, Bruce Naokwegijig and Sunny Osawabine (L to R) This is the “Sunny O Trio” with guest Bruce Naokwegijig.


Medussah artist Samanta and Sebastian ( L to R)

Medussah is an electronic, experimental project from Ecuador based in North Bay On.
Medussah shows a range of sounds that belong to electronic, pop, and dance music, creating a unique space ambiance and musical experience.Samanta Jarrin has been in the music scene for ten years; in the United States, she received first place in the vocal contest of Indianapolis, Indiana, in the year 2002. Her studies continued in the National Conservatory of Music and Universi- ty in Quito, Ecuador with a B.A. in music education and opera singing. Sebastian Gabela is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Sebastian has been active in the cultural and music scene since 2000. Has vast knowledge in music production and composition, having won lots of music contests and special mentions.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 4.17.28 PM.png

Cesar Forero

"I am a Colombian-born Canadian citizen with a background and training in architecture, sculpture, painting, and public performance.  I hold an MA from the Minnesota State University and a MFA from the University of Waterloo, Ontario. I have taught architecture, design and art at the university/college level in Colombia, the United States, and Canada. I currently sit on the boards at Ontario Society of Artist, the Temiskaming Art Gallery, in Haileybury, Sculptors Society of Canada, in Toronto, and Contemporary Art Committee, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, in which I am the creator and current president."

-excerpt from his bio:


Djolei Justine Gogoua

Originally from the Ivory Coast and established in Canada since 1994, Ms. Justine Gogoua is a prominent figure in Canadian performing arts and theatre, particularly in Ontario where she lives. Former member, founder and artistic director of the Groupe des Arts Bassan since its founding in June 1995, Justine Gogoua has left her mark in the world of Canadian arts and culture. Her more than decade-lo…ng mission to give Canadian heritage its African richness produced awards, nominations and reliable partnerships. With this artistic institution, Justine Gogoua answers the need for the presence of professional African theatre and brings to light our artistic cultural diversity. All the while working hard to promote African-Canadian culture, she lets solid links form between people of different cultural backgrounds through the arts.



A sound and light performance collabora- tion interested in: psychological ambience, meditative beats, analog and digital sound synthesis, spoken word performance and Ambient Video. Collaborators explore synchronous and non- synchronous light and sound scapes using various midi-controllers, synthesizers, vin- tage and contemporary video cameras, light projection, analog and digital audio effects generators, vocal synthetics and convention- al musical instruments (Flute, Piano, Chap- man Stick, Saxophone).


Chris Osborne


"I'm from Windsor / Detroit area and I've worked playing drums for 25 years in many situations. I'm again a self tought guitar player/singer that has practiced about 10 hours a day in the last 4 years and gigged three days a week though most of it. "What an incredible transition. My teachers were James Taylor, Michael Franks, Paul Simon and on and on. I'm very graetful that I can do this....."

Bio excerpt from Chris' Bandmix page:

Sabrina Leah Ramos



Pat Robitaille


After almost two decades recording, writing, touring and producing music, Pat Robitaille’s genre is still a tough one to pin down. But regardless, his signature soulful voice is an ever-present calling card. At 18 he wound up in Los Angeles & Nashville to create his first album. In the years that followed he toured with industry legends like The Hip & The Beach Boys, released 8 studio albums, founded the critically-acclaimed rock/soul trio The Walkervilles, recorded a CBC theme song, been featured in commercials & television including NETFLIX’s smash hit YOU, composed for video game soundtracks and lots, lots more. During lockdown Pat performed dozens of concerts from his home studio. His latest singles “Fearless Woman” & “Shadows” are available on 7” vinyl September 2021 courtesy of Secret Government Records. Visit for more.

Rob Joanisse


Originally from North Bay, Rob Joanisse was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by his primary teachers Mark Darby and Allison Ulan at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Montreal in 1998. He completed the studio’s 500-hour teacher certification course and is certified with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and has been teaching yoga since 2001. Rob has also studied Iyengar yoga with Hart Lazer, one of North America’s foremost yoga instructors, attended numerous workshops with Pattabhi Jois, Sharath, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.  He is also an accomplished professional drummer; won a Juno Award with Bran Van 3000; recorded with Ric Ocasek of The Cars; teaches drum lessons and accompanies yoga and dance classes. Rob co-founded and co-owns Vinyasa with Cristina Lella.

Bio from

Gisele Gbobuou


Pictured: Gisele with Justine Gogoua.

Justine Gogoua et Gisèle Gbobouo sont toutes deux originaires de la la Côte d'Ivoire. Elles partagent cette envie de faire connaître leur culture ivoirienne, une « culture du bonheur partagé » avec les gens du nord de l'Ontario.

Dans un tout autre registre, Gisèle Gbobouo partage son amour pour les dessins animés, dont les Schtroumpfs et Tom et Jerry, dans lesquels elle arrive toujours à trouver des morales qui échappent souvent aux autres.

Bio excerpt from

Marinko Jareb


Marinko has been working as a DJ and artist for many years, in that time he has performed and shown his work internationally and opened for artists like Peaches, Art Department, Azari & III. Marinko lives and works in Niagara.

Abel Maxwell


About ten years ago, Abel Maxwell arrived in North America without money, without connections and without a job. Today, he is an acclaimed artist and a public figure recognized internationally who inspires people to believe in themselves and make a difference with their gift. His 4th album “Contradictions” released in 2020 integrates inspiring lyrics on a carpet of Afrobeats music.

Image and bio from

Amadou Kienou


Born in Ouagadougou at Burkina Faso, Amadou Kienou is the seventh son of a family of praise singers of Dafing origin, originating from a tribe which settled down at the ancient Mandingue Empire. This tribe has extended right up to Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali.

Praise singers (griots), from father to son, are very popular and renowned dancers and singers in Ouagadougou. Most of them are musicians by profession. The varied repertoire of Amadou Kienou consists of songs, dances and musical soundings of the Mandingue rhythms.  He has adapted some of these for the drum, such as: Senoufo, Senegalese, Peul, childhood songs, love songs and rhythms from the forest.

Amadou’s late father, Baba Kienou, was a distinguished and famous traditional praise singer. In the 1960s he brought his personal touch to big national and cultural events like the famous Djandjoba, and also to other African countries later on. Accompanied by his family, he perpetuated with his own touch what he had learned from his father and grand father in the Great Mandingue. Amadou Kienou is in demand as performer and teacher in Europe, Africa and North America.

Bio from

Sid Bobb


Sid Bobb is a Gemini award-winning actor from Salish territory in British Columbia. Combining his cultural knowledge and experience as an actor and teacher, Sid has been committed to helping bring Aboriginal stories and culture to the forefront. He firmly believes that this necessary endeavor will strengthen our Aboriginal communities and help create a healthier relationship with our Canadian neighbours.

Sid is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s sociology and drama programs, attended the Second Cityschool of training, the Banff Centre for the Arts‘ Aboriginal Dance Project and the Native Theatre School (presently known as the Centre for Indigenous Theatre. He has been a professional actor since 1993. He is trained in traditional performance, including storytelling, song and dance, contemporary and classical theatre, and comedic improvisation. Sid has performed in Canada’s largest theatres across the country; storytelling, in plays, and dancing. For three seasons, he was co-host of the internationally broadcast Canadian Geographic Kids, and from 2007 to 2016 he co-hosted Kids’ CBCwith Patty Sullivan. He has also been an acting instructor and teacher for several years.

Bio from

DJ sndFr3q


DJ sndfr3q (Sound freak) is an electronic instrumentalists and dance floor igniter based out of North Bay ON. Their music is a fusion of funk, jazz, hip hop, and house, blending choppy samples with melodic synth phrases.

Gateway Theatre Guild


The Gateway Theatre Guild was established in 1948 and is a non-profit community theatre company located in North Bay, Ontario Canada. Since established, we have produced over 126 performances and most recently, our 2017/2018 season performance, Curved, won Quonta which brought us to Theatre Ontario. The cast and crew received various awards and recognition of which we are all very proud. Through the years,  as  part of our community outreach, we have participated, held and collaborated many community fundraising events raising over $15,000 for Canadian Cancer Society and $1,900 for North Bay's One Kids Place.

Bio from

Herve Mility


riginaire de la Côte d’Ivoire, Hervé Mility est arrivé au Canada en 2014. Il comptait initialement s’installer à Toronto, mais il est tombé sous le charme de North Bay. La vitalité de la communauté francophone a pesé dans la balance. Ce dernier s’implique d’ailleurs à promouvoir le français au sein du centre multiculturel de North Bay. En janvier 2019, sa fille et lui ont obtenu la citoyenneté canadienne.

Bio excerpt from

David Laronde


DAVID LARONDE is a Canadian Indigenous singer-songwriter performing contemporary folk, rock and blues.  He hails from the ancient Teme-Augama Anishnabai (Deep Water People) in beautiful Northern Ontario.   His debut album Right City Wrong Town was nominated for Best Blues Album 2013 in the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Award.
With three full length albums out, David’s storytelling is a fresh take on heartbreak, loneliness, love, hope and joy with a cool summer breeze in the background.  His music is uplifting and refreshing as he transcends an urban influence and the mystery of ancestral magic of his homeland.  David’s third album called I KNOW I CAN FLY was recently released on June 4, 2021.

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