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A Day of Celebration!

Join us this summer in North Bay, Ontario for the World Fusion Fest 2024! Experience amazing performances, art, and live music from around the world. Don't miss on this unforgettable cultural celebration!

Not one but two events this year!

Soiree Internationale on June 30th 2024 at Good2Go
FUSION FEST 2024 is on August 10th in Downtown North Bay!

Join us for a celebration of world culture at the Soiree Internationale on June 30th at Good 2 Go in North Bay. Enjoy performances from 4pm to 9pm and indulge in a special lunch from Northern Himalayan Cafe, one of North Bay's best Nepalese, included with your ticket price. Don't forget to get your tickets before the event and bring a copy of your ticket confirmation on your phone or printed out.

The second event is Fusion Fest 2024 on August 10th in Downtown North Bay from 10am to 10pm. See many of the best international acts, artists and experience the world's culture in the heart of North Bay on Saturday, August 10th 2024.

World Culture FusionFest 2024

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